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Welcome to ASTORIA BUILDING DESIGN – Provider of Sustainable Building Design & Landscape Design services in United States ( U.S. ). We may also provide building design services in Canada and at our discretion other countries such as the United Kingdom ( U.K. ), and in several states and territories of Australia. We may also provide international Architectural services for clients seeking architectural design services for projects intended to be built in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark (including Greenland).

Sustainable Building Design Services: Our services in building design is centrally focused on use of sustainable design practices in connection with the design of new buildings, non-historic & historic existing buildings.  Learn more about sustainable building design go to our page on sustainable design.

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Billed Hourly Rate: Between $90/hour and $180/hour. (Typical). Our minimum Billed Hourly Rate is $60/hr. for very simple, very low-risk projects. Most of services will be between $90 per hour and $180 per hour.

Cost-Plus-Fee with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) with starting base fee amount:

Our Cost-Plus-Fee with Guaranteed Maximum Price (referred to as GMP below) fee with starting base fee amount is based on an estimated *range* of hours times our Billed Hourly Rate plus costs. We set a starting base fee amount that increases up to the guaranteed maximum price for the work within scope of work outlined in contract. Work beyond or outside the scope of work agreed to in contract is billed additionally at our Billed Hourly Rate. Associated direct project costs aside from labor are invoiced such as the cost of the plans to print them, etc. Sometimes, it may be calculated into the fee but additional costs may be added.

Initial Consultation: 

Before we meet for initial consultation, we do provide some questionnaire to field some initial information about your project. This is so we can get an idea about what your goals or dreams are for your project. It may also be used to determine if your services are within the scope of work we are allowed to perform. NOTE: All meetings are recorded but are NOT published. They are used to help in facilitating clarity of project requirements and for preparation of written contracts that will require signatures. The written and signed contracts or even written contracts to amend the terms of the existing contract are what will guide the design and contractual obligations. Unrecorded conversations will not be treated as legally binding. If it is something that must be done, we should put it in writing, signed and dated.

NOTE: Agreeing to use our services including initial consultation and / or by contacting us, you are consenting to use of recording. 

Initial consultation will be based on a Billed Hourly Rate amount but we may at our discretion waive that initial consultation fee. 

Engineering Services: (Note: This is not an offering of engineering services performed by Astoria Building Design, LLC. but that we may facilitate the services through engineering consultants we work with and may involve in your project)

These services are provided via engineering consultants and will be separately invoiced. Engineering consultants may be required for structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering work that your project *may* require. We have engineering consultants we work with for these types of engineering work.

Sometimes structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems do not require or need the services of licensed engineers and may either be performed by Astoria Building Design, LLC., such as structural design, or through contractors qualified to design mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This depends on the level of sophistication, complexity, and other factors, whether be by regulatory reasons or for any other reason.


When a project involves use of multiple services, it will usually take more time to deliver with such scope of work. In which case, such work will usually require 6 months or more even on modest projects. Building Design plus historic preservation consultation services will usually require at least 6 months and often more for additional work beyond designing including research.

Frequently we need to have two or more concurrent projects which often have staggered start points and payment due times may be offset for payments for each stage. Adding staff or consultants would require fees to be up on the higher end to accelerate those projects and can be potentially higher than the standard fee rates and quotes.